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Exhaust Repair and Replacement

Exhausts at Banwell Garage

The ongoing push for tightening vehicle emission controls are leading to more complex car exhaust systems as well as MOT failures.

In order to keep your vehicle running cleanly and efficiently it is sensible to check your car exhaust for damage or failure at least once a year. Banwell Garage carefully inspects your exhaust system as part of your MOT so we can advise you when a repair or replacement is required.

Drop in to Banwell Garage – our experts can inspect your car exhaust system free of charge and identify any issues before they start to cost you money or inconvenience. We’ll advise you about any potential work that needs to be done or importantly if the system is all OK.

Our experts complete a visual inspection of the exhaust and the mounting to check for physical damage, leaking joints and corrosion. Should your vehicle require repairs or replacements, we offer a wide range of exhausts and emission system parts for cars, vans and 4×4 vehicles at competitive prices.

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