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Fault Diagnosis

There is a common misconception that vehicle diagnostics is just a case of plugging a computer in to the vehicle’s on board diagnostics socket to find out what the problem is. The truth is far more complicated.

Our technicians usually start by plugging a diagnostic computer in to a vehicle and reading off any fault codes that may be stored, this gives a basic idea of which of the many vehicle’s systems the fault may be hiding in.

It is imperative that the technician is able to properly interpret the live data/information the diagnostic kit is feeding back to him/her.

Based on that information, the technician may then have to carry out function checks of individual components, check wiring looms for damage and make sure there are no communication errors between the many electrical components, control units and modules that make up a vehicle’s electrical system.

If no electrical fault is found we would then have to continue with mechanical checks such as the removal and testing of injectors, compression testing, injector leak off tests and, in the event of boost system issues, we have a smoke pro testing machine that assists in testing a boost system’s integrity, visually showing us any loss of boost in the form of crisp white smoke escaping from a breach in the boost system.

Our technicians here at Banwell Garage are BOSCH certified in essential system test procedures – this helps them to achieve an accurate diagnosis of vehicle system faults first time round.

At Banwell Garage we have a wide selection of diagnostic equipment to aid our technicians in diagnosing all sorts of vehicle faults such as engine and gearbox running faults, ABS and traction control system faults, airbag faults, plus many more.

Vehicle fault diagnostics

Our vehicle diagnostic equipment includes:

  • Autel professional code reader/programming tablet
  • Snap-On Solus Ultra code reader/programming tablet
  • Launch code reader/data scan
  • AutoData online vehicle database & technical information
  • VAG COM code reader/data scan/programming

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