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Timing Belt / Cam Belt Replacement

As part of the vehicle service schedule the cam-belt or timing belt, as it is sometimes known, must be replaced. Each manufacturer specifies a different schedule, based on time (years) or vehicle mileage as to when this is necessary. At Banwell Garage we work to all manufacturers’ service schedules.

The simple component with so much responsibility

The cost of replacing this fundamental part is minor, compared to the likely repair bill in the event of it breaking whilst driving. Sadly there are no warning signs, strange noises or indication as to when it may break. It just breaks without warning. In the event that the engine survives, many do not, a resultant repair could still render the vehicle a “write off”. Either way it is always a very costly experience and generally inconvenient.

What does a timing belt do?

The timing belt synchronises the crankshaft and the cam-shaft, so that the correct valve opens in relation to the piston stroke and at the correct time. The inlet valves open allowing air and fuel to enter the combustion chamber of each cylinder, the burn or explosion takes place creating power, and the exhaust valves then open to allow the gases to escape. This process requires a timing belt, or in some cases a timing chain, to correctly time the valve opening and closing in relation to the pistons, or the cam-shaft to the crank shaft.

Timing Belt Replacement at Banwell Garage

Don’t forget your water pump

A vehicle’s water pump is often driven by the cam-belt. If this is the case, we strongly advise that this is replaced at the same time. This is because the time involved in replacing the timing belt is the same as replacing the water pump, if the timing belt drives the pump. If the water pump were to start leaking further down the line you would have another bill on your hands, many times more expensive than the cost of replacing the water pump at the same time as the timing belt.

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